Our Voter Registration Project

Vote El Paso is a voter registration project based in El Paso, Texas which aims to register 15,000 new voters before Election Day 2022. We believe every vote matters, and so does access to the polls, and voter education. Which is why our program not only registers new voters, but also maintains contact with them to provide resources on where and when to vote.

Voting shouldn’t be hard. And neither should registering to vote.

And that’s why Congresswoman Veronica Escobar launched Vote El Paso. She’s committed to funding this effort solely through her campaign funds and resources. This investment couldn’t be more critical.

We believe the future of Texas depends on the activism we take now. Affordable healthcare, fair wages, and equality all rest with us and the effort we make today. There are no more off-years. Vote El Paso will maintain a year-round presence in El Paso to actively register voters every month of every year, fueled by Congresswoman Escobar’s campaign.

Our Voter Education Project

In addition to registering voters, Vote El Paso will maintain contact with newly-registered voters and offer reminders during elections and resources on voting.

Our new Vote El Paso website provides easily understood voting resources in both English and Spanish. This includes how to register, where to vote, and details about the next election.

As a response to questions received during past election seasons such as “What does a polling location look like?” and “How do I complete a ballot?” our team will produce video guides to give people the confidence they need to cast their ballot. We understand being unfamiliar with voting leads to a reluctance to vote. Which is why the Vote E Paso team will offer online resources in Spanish and English to help voters feel more prepared to head to the ballot box.

Vote El Paso captains will also send emails and texts helping newly-registered voters find a polling location near them and information on their individual voting options, working directly with voters to increase turnout.

If we want to fight for a better Texas — a Texas we’re all proud to live in — that fight starts today.

Join us by volunteering, registering, or donating.