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Fighting for Veterans, Immigration Reform, Affordable Healthcare, and Economic Growth.

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Standing Up for the Border

For over a decade, I have had the incredible privilege of being your public servant, fighting back against corruption and rebuilding local government. My family has been in El Paso for generations, and I committed myself to making sure it was the kind of place where our children and grandchildren would be able to grow and thrive. I am so proud of how we have stood together, celebrating the power and potential of El Paso and firmly in defense of our border community.

While we have worked hard in El Paso to grow jobs and expand access to healthcare, transportation, and quality of life, we are seeing real and disturbing threats to this progress coming straight from Washington, D.C. The words and policies promoted by President Trump and his allies are nothing short of dangerous. Threatening to advance the collapse of healthcare markets, fueling anti-immigrant sentiment, eroding the programs that work for our middle class, and showing a blatant disregard for our environment, are just a part of this destructive agenda. El Paso has been no stranger to these kind of threats or—more importantly—this kind of injustice. In fact, we have a history of standing up to it.

And once again, injustice is at our doorstep. It’s clear that more than ever, El Pasoans need a strong voice who will stand up to promote the interests of our families and businesses—a tireless and proven advocate who won’t back down and will zealously represent the values our community exemplifies. Every day, I bring the energy and passion we have for our community to fight for those values in D.C. I am honored to be El Paso’s Congresswoman, your public servant in Washington, D.C., and one of the first Latinas to represent and serve Texas in the House of Representatives.

Join us to fight for El Paso and the rights of Americans across the nation!

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