Fact Check

Voters Beware. Keep El Paso Honest, a Republican SuperPAC, and some of Veronica’s opponents are purposely misleading voters about Veronica Escobar’s record and shamelessly attacking her family for political advantage. Keep El Paso Honest has also failed to follow basic campaign finance laws that allow voters to know who funds a campaign. We want to make sure you know the facts. If you have questions, please reach out to the campaign at 915-760-0192.

Distortion: Veronica Escobar has doubled her own salary since taking office.

Fact: When Veronica entered public service as a County Commissioner, her salary was $50,000. Her salary increased significantly when she was elected to County Judge by the citizens of El Paso County because the position comes with more responsibility and demands. She left office with a salary similar to the $98,000 her male predecessor made in the same role. Keep El Paso Honest doesn’t think women should be paid more when they accept jobs with more responsibility and more demands.

Lie: El Paso Children’s Hospital is Bankrupt

Fact: El Paso Children’s Hospital’s doors are open and they are providing critical care to El Paso’s children. Because of Veronica’s advocacy for this important community asset, 80% of children who used to leave El Paso for healthcare can now receive their healthcare at home surrounded by family and friends. El Paso’s Children’s Hospital remains the only children’s hospital along the U.S/Mexico border helping keep children throughout the Paso del Norte Region healthy.

Lie: Donald Trump is paying half of Veronica Escobar’s household income.

Fact: Veronica’s husband is an immigration judge for the Department of Justice. He is not a political appointee. He is a neutral arbiter of immigration laws. By Keep El Paso Honest’s logic, the thousands of federal employees and members of the military that live and that work in El Paso are on Donald Trump’s payroll, and women should be judged by their husbands’ career choices.

Lie from Dori Fenenbock’s campaign: Veronica pays an EPISD trustee $60,000 a year to solicit donations from school vendors.

Fact: This is false, unsourced and ironic given that when Dori Fenenbock was the EPISD school board president, she actively solicited EPISD vendors and her FEC campaign finance report reflects this. Susie Byrd is Veronica’s campaign manager and also a volunteer on the EPISD board of trustees. Susie manages the campaign and has not solicited contributions from EPISD vendors.